Remote, one-way patient video screening

Quick video screening for your patients with customized questions, without the need for a human being to be present. A virtual triage. Covid 19 ready.

Quick set up and fully customisable

Create a virtual triage, video interview in under 5 minutes. Review cases from any device in minutes.


Create your own patient screening interviews to asses the symptoms
that matter to you.


Patients can complete the interview
from any device. Android, iOS and desktop.


Fully deployed on Microsoft
Azure and ready to plug
and play

Check symptoms, verify results &
automated reporting

Get instant insights into patient symptoms, review their video responses for human analyses and prioritise cases for face to face testing.

Instant Insights

Access patient profiles as soon as the video is completed to summarise self-reported symptoms.

Human Review

Share patient profiles with doctors and professional heathcare providers for opinions.

Automated Reporting

Understand local and regional trends, patient symptoms and priority cases automatically.

Fully Customisable

Edit screening scenarios to ask patients your own set of questions. White-label.

Immediately Available

Waste no time. Begin remote, one-way patient video screening today.

Scalable Solution

Built on Microsoft Azure for instant

Remote patient video screening – Covid 19 ready

The fast way to screen 1,000s of patients remotely.

Reduces face to face screening time. Convenient patient experience. Fully supported technology.

Patient Reports

Validated and approved by doctors  

Amazing, I think this will be great. People can just register on the computer from home and we can sit in the office and start multiple assessments.

Dr Atwal


Well done, this will really help, even the emergency lines are getting blocked. Here at the NHS we need this, we are overloaded and now doctors are getting sick.  

Dr Khan


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