How does work?

Well you can send the link directly to patients or include it on your website as the first step. It is a cloud based link, so anyone can log on as long as they have a device and internet connection.What is it?

It is a Prescreening one way video interview tool using smart technology so doctors DON’T need to be available at the same time. The avatar will ask Covid19 related questions to determine if someone is high risk, it’;s not a diagnosis tool, it’s a prescreening.How does this help doctors?

Right now they are conducting endless phone calls or 2 way video interview, there’s only so many calls a doctor can make a day. We can help by freeing up doctors to see those patients considered as high risk right away. Minutes after the interview docs can view and play back the interview and get the report and decide on next action. This could be: an in depth screening by the doctor, or prescription or straight to emergency.How does this help emergency lines?

Right now the lines are getting jammed by those who are panicking and calling not sure if they have the symptoms or not, each call is valuable and taking up a lot of time. This means emergency staff cannot priortise how is a genuine case of Covid19 or other serious health matters. People are dying because they can’t get through. We can change that by ensuring first step is remote, from home and easy, it will alleviate the health services and allow them to focus on realy urgent cases.How does this help hospitals?

People are flooding the hospitals and creating huge burden for the doctors and nurses. There is confusion about if they are sick with Covid19 or other cases, our platform can help interview 1000s of people and highlight those who are high impact. Each hospital will have their own dashboard to review who has come through and call them in. More organized and ensuring those who need help soon get it fast.How does this help patients?

It helps any member of society to do an interview and be asked questions live by the avatar which are linked to Covid 19 – it will give them piece of mind and they can complete this from home without visiting a doctor. Especially important in times of social distancing and with doctors shutting their surgeries for phone calls only.How is this different to normal video calls or phone calls?

This is very different because no one needs to be on the other end of the video. Other video calling platforms require the doctor to still be present and giving up their time. We use smart technology like videos powered by AI to conduct the interviews and this listens out for certain things the patient says. It then produces a report and alerts the doctor of those at high risk. Doc can then replay and decide next steps. Time is the biggest thing we can save, avatar can do thousands of interviews a day without any human need.Does your AI diagnosis patients with Covid19?

No no no, we don’t do diagnosis, the human doctors are still the experts. What we do is make a recommendation of who is at high risk. Imagine interviewing 1000 patients, this takes a doctor days, if not weeks. Our platform can prescreen all of them the same day, or hours and shortlist those at highest risk.How secure is your data?

We take data ethics and privacy very seriously. It’s cloud based and stored on Microsoft Azure. If you are a government body and require in country, please let us know.When is it available?

Very soon! We aim to get it ready by 26th March 2020, we are working around the clock.I am an insurance company, can I use your platform?

Yes you can, we can give you a link to add onto your website to prescreen as many as you like. We’re here to help.Has a doctor validated your platform?

Yes we have involved doctors closely with the development of our platform and questions. We have had validation from doctors in the US, UK & UAE.What support do you provide?

We have teams on the ground globally who are ready to help in local time zones. We provide all training and support, we want you to focus on saving lives.